Ex Forces Support NY

Published: 16 May 2019

Who is Eligible?

Beneficiaries must be over 65 years old and have served in any branch of the Armed Forces, for any length of time, or completed National Service

What is Available?

1) Home well-being checks - aimed at helping individuals remain independent at home, safe, warm and well. Measures are provided, e.g. key safes, grab rails, mobility aids, carbon monoxide alarms and draught proofing. We review utility bills, help access cheaper prices, apply for financial support for heating costs, deal with any utility providers problems, identify other support needs and can make referrals to other agencies.

2) Gardening -There is a gardening service available in the Selby District but this is running until the end of June 2019 only. Anyone wanting to access this now is likely to only be offered a one-off visit, e.g. to help get on top of things.

3) Day trips, groups and activities. Social activities are organised to help to tackle loneliness and isolation.

4) Financial support and advice from the Citizens Advice.

5) Support for carers from Carers Count.

The project is fully funded by the Aged Veterans Fund at the Ministry of Defence using LIBOR funds - there is no cost.

Veterans can refer themselves or a third party can make a referral on behalf of a veteran by calling 01904 704 177 or emailing exforces@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk You can also fill in the Enquiry form on the back of a project leaflet and return it by post to the address provided. If a veteran would like a home well-being visit in the Selby District you can also call Kate (the Energy Doctor) on 01757 249100