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Published: 30 July 2019




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Dear Resident/Proprietor,





This letter is to inform you that North Yorkshire County Council will be undertaking highway maintenance at the above location, between Milford Road speed limits and Finkle Hill speed limits.


The works are currently programmed to commence between 5th and 9th August 2019 and will last for 5 days/nights.  


The closure/works will be divided into 2 sections:


Section 1Milford Road and Low Street to the junction with ALDI

This section will be carried out between 07:30hrs – 17:00hrs on 5th – 6th August. This may inevitably restrict vehicular access to properties directly affected, but our contractors will try to assist you where possible during the working day through the use of on-site personnel tasked with managing access. It would be appreciated that vehicles are removed from the highway before 07:30hrs on the above dates.


Section 1 will be undertaken using a 1 way system, whereby traffic travelling in a northerly direction will be allowed through the site. Traffic heading in a southerly direction will be diverted via

Sherburn bypass. The attached plan details the diversion route.


Section 2Low Street (Aldi) to Finkle Hill speed limits

This section will be undertaken during the evening and into the night between 18:00hrs – 02:00hrs on 7th – 9th August. Regrettably there are a number of residential properties that are located within this section and will be exposed to noisy machinery during the operation.   


Operatives will be positioned to assist with access to properties located within the site. As before, it would be appreciated that vehicles are removed from the highway during working hours. Traffic will be diverted via Sherburn bypass.


The work is part of an extensive programme and as a consequence it is possible that some adjustment to this start date or the duration of the works may be necessary should unforeseen circumstances such as significant weather events or emergencies on the highway network arise.


Please be advised there will be extended periods when access will not be possible due to the nature of the works and physical constraints of the site. Pedestrian access will be permitted.


We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any disruption that these works may cause and would again request your cooperation to help ensure an efficiently and safely executed project.


Yours faithfully

Customer Resolution Centre



Customer Resolution Centre

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