Email Scams

Published: 15 April 2020

This weekend, North Yorkshire Police have received a number of calls from residents stating they have received an email from an unknown person who claims to have hacked your computer and have managed to access your webcam which they have used to record you watching porn online. The email states that unless payment is made in Bitcoin the footage will be released to everyone in your contact list and posted online. The email at times can include a password you may have used in the past (or are currently using) and this adds to the supposed authenticity of the message. This is a scam. Your computer has not been hacked and the footage does not exist. Your password may have been obtained from previously hacked databases which have made the news over the past couple of years. If you want to see if your details have been hacked, check out Now may be a time to update your passwords if you have been using the same ones across multiple platforms. To check out the latest guidance on passwords go to

North Yorkshire Police will be continuing its weekly Facebook live broadcast this Thursday at 4pm when I will be talking about the latest Covid-19 based scams and giving tips on how to work safely from home. I hope you are able to watch. Just access the North Yorkshire Police Facebook page .