Fraud - Tesco Vouchers

Published: 17 April 2020

Action Fraud have received several reports of a text message circulating purporting to be from Tesco giving out free vouchers due to Covid-19. The user is asked to click on a link which leads to a genuine looking website which is designed to steal login information as well as personal and financial details. Looking at the message there are several indicators it is a scam:

1. The message is addressed to 'Dear Customer' as opposed to an individual name

2. The message invites the user to click on a link

3. Poor grammer - Note the words 'To Qualify', there is no need for a capital 'Q'

4. The time the message received (10:17pm)

5. The way the message is signed off using a zero(0) insead of an 'o' (The Tesc0 team)

6. It is too good to be true

The above rationale should be applied to all emails/texts you receive