Published: 18 March 2021

Our District Councillor has obtained a response to his Freedom of Information request which points to the devaluing of Sherburn in Elmet within the district and this is to be addressed. To allow the work needed to go ahead a significant rise in precept is to be sought. This will mean an additional £5.17 for a Band D property per month. This will impact in the short term on council tax payers, but some of the benefits are listed as follows: -

The spending has been identified on a number of projects which benefit a broad spectrum of residents and all improving the wellbeing of the community.


A fair grant system has been introduced with a new policy and a rolling release of funding that will be offered throughout the year for community groups to apply for, even small groups and minor monetary amounts.


These are all to be achieved within the financial year.


Many are either backlog items or ones that have already been committed by the previous administration.


Some of the works are Health and Safety related and cannot be delayed further.


The amount sought is as a result of Sherburn in Elmet having been short changed in the past.